Welcome to Misplaced Identity Productions.
A web design business dedicated to small businesses.

"The best way to predict your future is to create it"
- Peter F. Drucker

What I Do

I design advertisements, business cards, websites, and many other things. I start with a dream, be it someone elses or mine, and I work to make it possible. I like to make beautiful things that make people talk, and more importantly make them think. I created Misplaced Identity Productions to fulfill my dreams, but it soon became about making everyone's dreams become reality whenever needed. I welcome you to take the journey with me, and find a dream come true with a custom designed website from Misplaced Identity Productions.


My Work

Here lies the links to websites I have created. They have been dreamt to life by many hours of hard work.


Who I Am

My name is Thomas. I am a human being from the planet Earth, and if you are reading this I hope you are too. I am primarily a web designer but I do other things too. I am an airgun enthusiast, gamer, artist, radio manager, and many other things. If you'd like to know more about me please do not hesitate to contact me below.

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